Cinema documentary with Tiny Tribe´s music	

Starting on 18.09.2008, the documentary “Kairo all inclusive” is showing in Austrian cinemas. The score of the film consists exclusively of recordings from Tiny Tribe´s CD “Milou”.
Tiny Tribe on HIFA festival in Zimbabwe 
In April/ May 2008 Tiny Tribe travelled to Zimbabwe to collaborate with the Zimbabwian Gonamombe Mbira Ensemble lead by Albert Chimedza. The resulting concert program was presented on the HIFA culture-festival in Harare.http://www.mbiracentre.com
        Concerts 2009	

06.12.            Klosterhof Kusterdingen                                   
21. + 22.10.   Jazzfestival Iasi/ Rumänien                              
10.10.            Ancien Cinema/ Luxemburg                                  
03.07.            Breminale/ Live Broadcast Nordwestradio    
11.05.            Jazzclub Karlsruhe                                                 
14.05.            Jazzfreunde Fulda                                      

feat. Manfred Leuchter
feat. Matthias Bergmann 
feat. Matthias Bergmann 
feat. Matthias Bergmann 
feat. Gregor Hübner
feat. Manfred Leuchter


The new CD “Strange Stories & Faraway Places” (NRW Records) is now available in stores. 

Besides the steady bandmembers Jens Loh, Florian Zenker and Afra Mussawisade the record features guest appearences by Manfred Leuchter (accordeon), Gregor Hübner (violin) and Matthias Bergmann (flugelhorn).

Concert dates for 2010 are coming soon.
Gregor Hübner 
Manfred Leuchter 
Matthias Bergmann Flugelhorn
                                        New reviews
Akustik-Gitarre writes about “Strange Stories & Faraway Places” (November 2009): 

“The music (...) oscillates between purely acoustic and entirely electronic sounds, between (...) introspective and 
wild moments, (...) in such a unique way that a corresponding genre has yet to be found.
This wonderfully shimmering record should best be listened to with a small tribe of like-minded people, in a 
relaxed athmosphere, just the way you´d want to watch a good movie.”

Sound & Image writes: 

"Tiny Tribe masterfully succeed in combining the discipline of jazz, the spontaneity of folk and the 
openness of global music. An unpretentious record of high quality"

“Strange Stories & Faraway Places” (NRW Records) was nominated for the quarterly Best Of - list of the 
Price of the German Record Review (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik).
In the summer of 2009 the cooperation with FortunaMedia was 
continued. This time, Tiny Tribe created new music specially for the new 
documentary about an Austrian aid project in Mali.

The film is scheduled to start showing in cinemas in Germany and 
Austria in autumn/ winter 2009.
2009: Filmmusic for documentary 
“Mali and the Art of Sharing”